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These photos were kindly supplied by Jim Corbett of Loch Buie estate, on who's land Moy Castle sits. Jim's Mother and father are showing Michael Powell and crew over their estate in 1945 during the filming of IKWIG
Illustrated talk by Roy Stafford
Illustrated talk by Roy Stafford
Thelma Schoonmaker: A personal journey through Powell & Pressburger’s movies  Schoonmaker offers an insider’s guide to the bewitching world of these giants of 1940s and 50s cinema, interviewed by  @PamHutch
This is a telephone conversation I had with Jimmy Robb in May 2007 recalling his involvement while IKWIG was being filmed on Mull.
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Nancy Franklin's photo essay was my inspiration to first travel 600 miles north to find the film locations....
The Powell and Pressburger Appreciation Society. On returning from my first visit to the Isle of Mull in 2003, Steve TOLD me to make a website of it......so I did what I was told. Thanks Steve
Thelma Schoonmaker - film maker
Seeking permission to show
My visits to Mull and the Western Isles Hotel.
Amazing what you can find on eBay
Mull Film Club - December 2023
Mull Film Club - December 2023
FILM COMMENT, Film Society of Lincoln Center, NYC September-October 1991 - by Kate Burford
Mull Film Club's Nina Pope photos